The Culture of Catalonia

Last stop on the European portion of this trip- Spain! We booked our departing flight out of Europe from Barcelona before our travels even began. With that in mind, we gave ourselves two and a half weeks before that flight to stay in Spain before leaving the beautiful continent of Europe that we have called… Continue reading The Culture of Catalonia

You Are What You Eat by Jake

I think this title/saying could never feel more applicable. After spending 3 months in Europe I can say one thing for certain; I feel fat. In reality, I am probably in the recommended weight bracket for my height and age, but there is no doubt in my mind that the food here has left short… Continue reading You Are What You Eat by Jake

Lizz Makes A Decision

Everyone has different experiences when they travel. Everyone must make tough decisions at times and can’t always foresee which road will be the right one. As Tom Gates says in his book Wayward: Fetching Tales from a Year on the Road, “I need to…pick left when it feels better than right, even if right has… Continue reading Lizz Makes A Decision

A Month in Italy

There is no amount of time sufficient enough to experience Italy. The amount of culture, historical sites, museums, food, and amazing people that this country has to offer is enough to keep you here forever. But when you only have three months on an entire continent, trying to prioritize it all can be daunting. Italy… Continue reading A Month in Italy

The Top Vacation Spot in the World (And I Used to Live in Costa Rica)

Apologies for being so behind on my blogging! Most of you who read consistently also follow me and Jake on other social media platforms and have probably noticed that we have visited a lot of places recently that haven’t been up on the blog. For one, I’ve been lazy (but I rationalize this by saying… Continue reading The Top Vacation Spot in the World (And I Used to Live in Costa Rica)

Living Without Borders by Jake

One of the objectives that Elizabeth and I had while being in Luxembourg was to explore this small country as much as possible. After working on the farm for a week, we decided to hit the outdoors and do something in nature. We decided to hike the “Schengen Without Borders” trail that crosses through 3… Continue reading Living Without Borders by Jake