Home For Christmas

$14,000 spent 200 days traveled 50 friends made 30 cities explored 20 hostels slept in 16 flights flown 10 countries visited 5 workaways worked 1 perfect homecoming surprise After months of planning this surprise I can officially announce that WE…ARE…HOME! The best Christmas present of all was seeing our family’s reactions to our surprise homecoming.… Continue reading Home For Christmas

Traveling with a Significant Other

The post that many of you have been waiting for. I know this because I have gotten the same question from most of you throughout this trip. “How are you and Jake? Are you both still getting along?” These are valid and important questions. And to be honest, at times my response can shock myself… Continue reading Traveling with a Significant Other

100 Things I’ve Learned in 100 Days of Traveling

In no particular order here is a list of 100 things I have learned in 100 days of traveling abroad. Some of these are my own lessons, others are quotes from people I have met or books I have read along the way that have resonated with me, and of course there are a few… Continue reading 100 Things I’ve Learned in 100 Days of Traveling

Living Out of a Backpack for Six Months

Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences that can happen in your life. Seeing the world can teach you about different cultures, people, and especially yourself. But before stepping onto the plane to start the life-changing experience that awaits you, there’s one minor detail that must be taken care of. Something we all love to… Continue reading Living Out of a Backpack for Six Months