The northwestern part of Costa Rica, including the majority of the Nicoya Peninsula, is within the province of Guanacaste. You’ll probably never need to know this again unless you plan to travel to Costa Rica, but maybe it’s a good fact to have for a trivia game someday. (You can thank me later). This is… Continue reading Guanacaste

El Caribe

Costa Rica is home to some incredible biodiversity and all of the regions of this little country have something beautiful and unique to offer. So far in Costa Rica we have traveled around the Central Valley, the Pacific Coast, and the Cloud Forest. Believe it or not there is still much more to see as… Continue reading El Caribe

Living Without Borders by Jake

One of the objectives that Elizabeth and I had while being in Luxembourg was to explore this small country as much as possible. After working on the farm for a week, we decided to hit the outdoors and do something in nature. We decided to hike the “Schengen Without Borders” trail that crosses through 3… Continue reading Living Without Borders by Jake